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Questions about Cancellation

Q: Why do you have such a strict cancellation policy?

A: When booking musicians, it’s tempting to see the exchange as “money for music” - but from the musician’s perspective, the fee is charged not for the music - but for the time/date slot on the calendar. Think of it like a hotel room, or an airline ticket. Once you've booked a musician for a certain date, the musician has to turn away other potential customers for the same date - as the musician can only be in one place at a time. From the musician’s perspective, what’s being sold is the place on the calendar (for everything from preparation at home, loading, driving, load-in, setup, music, breakdown, load-out, driving, loading - usually the whole day - not just the performance time) - After a cancellation - especially a late one, it is often too late to sell that calendar slot to someone else (even if there were other booking inquiries which had been previously turned away - these bookings generally go to other musicians after being declined). So, if we are holding the date and turning away other bookings for you, we expect to be paid once we’re within the no-cancellation window, regardless of whether you actually hold the event.

For the bandleader, it is even more important that the cancellation policy be respected, as the bandleader has the job of maintaining over time a crew of responsible musicians. As each musician in the band must hold the date and decline other opportunities, they all expect to be paid for keeping themselves available. A bandleader who isn’t responsible to the band members can only expect the reciprocal level of commitment, so the responsible band leader pays the musicians for holding the confirmed date, even when the event is cancelled. After the musicians are paid - if the client won’t, the bandleader has just subsidised the client’s cancellation.

Q: Well, what if we just re-schedule, then you’ll get paid the same?

A: Unfortunately, although we can perhaps get paid the same amount
from you, and the cost to you would be the same - the cost to us is potentially twice as much or more (different dates have different value). We cannot recover the opportunity cost of the sacrificed calendar slot. The cost to us is 2 calendar dates, not just the rescheduled one for which we’d actually perform.

Q: But what if the event is rained out? We don’t want to have to pay if you don’t perform.

A: If you are worried about inclement weather, or unexpected conditions which may force you to cancel the event - I would recommend purchasing Event Cancellation Insurance, which can cover the costs of unexpected cancellations.

For reference, here is an excerpt from the contract, about cancellation:


If Purchaser cancels the performance less than sixty (60) days before the performance, Purchaser will pay Artist 50% of the guaranteed fee for the performance. If Purchaser cancels the performance less than three weeks before the performance, Purchaser will pay Artist 100% of the guaranteed fee for the performance. The parties agree that such payments are reasonable in light of anticipated or actual harm caused by the cancellation and the difficulties of proving the actual damages to the Artist. Purchaser understands that “rescheduling” is tantamount to cancellation, and agrees to be subject to the same terms in either eventuality. A “rescheduled” date requires a new contract and new payment. Likewise, a change in location may require a price change, to be negotiated in good faith.